CLEVER is the leading Danish electric mobility operator (EMO). We provide charging solutions that make it convenient, fast and safe to charge you EV at home and at workplaces - and CLEVER has established a nationwide network of public charging stations in Denmark.

CLEVER delivers charging solutions for all models of electric cars. CLEVER’s products consist of charging solutions to households, companies and municipalities.

Our solutions makes it possible to intelligently control the charging of your electric vehicle (EV) – which makes it possible to charge you EV, when there is the highest amount of sustainable energy.

Our technology supports all electric vehicles on the Danish market.

CLEVERs charge network: Nationwide access

CLEVER opened in June 2012 the first public assessable nationwide charging-network for EVs in Scandinavia. Any EV can be charged using CLEVER’s charging-network since it comprises both charging-ports and Fast Charge Stations. On the Quick Charge stations you can charge your EV in just 20-30 minutes.

CLEVER is owned by the utility companies SEAS-NVE, SE, NRGi, EnergiMidt and Energi Fyn. The five large utility companies in Denmark have now all invested in the leading Danish EMO.

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